You were given this story for a reason. Because you are brave and strong enough to live it. 

It's not about what happened to you...

But what you do with it, that matters. 


Release. Reclaim. Redefine. 

10 Journal Prompts to Change Your Life

Journalling provides a direct connection to deeper information. It's my favourite practise. I've put together 10 Journal Prompts to get you started!

Unchain Your Wild Soul

Life can be challenging when beliefs, experiences and conditioning have helped us down. Inside each of us is a desire to grow and to thrive — but life can sometimes reduce our raging fires to flames that flicker in doubt.

Light Your Way Back

Our practice isn’t a product — it’s a way of living. At Wild Soul Women, female empowerment means embracing your experience — challenges and all — and living your life to its fullest.

Release what's holding you back. Reclaim the power you lost. Redefine who you are. 


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For too long women have been trained to tread softly and please... but those days are over!

Our retreats & live events take you on a journey of self discovery to help you release what no serves you, reclaim what you lost and redefine yourself so you can live the life you really want. 

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Community is essential to growth. Join the tribe of empowered women who are unchaining themselves from conditioning, together. 

Private Guidance

Unique to you, your life, your circumstances, your situations. Custom coaching in a private, structured environment to help you find your way back to you.

Find Your Fire

Turn decades into days in our immersive experiences to take you deep to release and renew. Find your fire and light your way back to you. 

Hi I'm Tonya

I am a Trained & Board Certified Coach under world Renowned Life & Business Strategist, Tony Robbins & Chloe Madanes, World Leader in Innovation & Family Therapy.

In addition to that I've trained and studied under shamans, sages, global leaders in positive psychology, human behaviour, ancient wisdom, wild women medicine to not only understand why we do what we do, but how to help people truly create lasting change, end destructive cycles of patterns, abuse, behaviour, addictions, numbing, escaping and merely existing instead of truly living life. 

My own story led me on journey of self discovery and down the path of the leader and guide to women around the world ...


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