Live Your Wild

Being wild is not a thing you do it's an instinct - Shokiba

Welcome Home Wild One

You weren't born to just exist. You weren't born to sit on a shelf and look pretty, to go along with, give up yourself to please others.

You were born to LIVE fully, to embrace life.  But life doesn't teach us that, life teaches us how to conform, to be pleasing, to be the good girl, to put yourself last, to be enough...

And now you've found yourself wondering "is this all there is?" You feel like you're just getting by, existing, putting everyone else first, filling everyone else's tanks and yours is empty.  You did all the things you were supposed to do and you feel a void, something missing, you long for a place you know exists.

You want more.  And it's ok.  It's ok to crave freedom, spice, fun, living!  It's normal to crave running in the wild, finding your voice, doing what makes your soul happy.

Most of us have been so disconnected from ourselves through conditioning and trauma that we have no idea who we are, how to live fully, how to believe in ourselves and do what's right for us. 

Your instincts are not working... 

A wolf doesn't apologize for being a wolf and you shouldn't apologize for being a woman... you shouldn't be putting yourself last, or waiting until your tank is empty or until you're so broken that you have nothing left.


Wild Women

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.  Her name is wild woman, and she is an endangered species - Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

That doesn't mean leaving or making anyone else less important - but it does mean making yourself the most important. Putting on your own oxygen mask first, filling your own tank first and finally, wild one, finally allowing yourself to the amazing woman you are!

Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul
Live Your Wild
A wild woman nourishes all parts of her life.  She takes time for herself, she feeds her soul.  She eats well, she moves her body, she looks into the darkest parts of herself, she opens her mind, body and soul to the deep work that is required for her to fully live her own wild life. 

Join The Sisterhood

Membership gives you all the tools you need to take care of your Mind-Body-Soul so you can truly live your wild!

Get reconnected to your wild soul and your instincts so you can take care of you and reclaim your power in life! 

Membership portal with all of your programs and courses at your finger tips

An initial set up call to map where you are and get you started on the right foot

A facebook community with daily posts, fb's lives, challenges and more...

Food plans
Courses, Programs

You can learn and grow independently but still be part of an amazing group of Wild Women who are changing their lives by learning who they are, reclaiming all parts of themselves and living their wild!

3 Main Programs:
Reclaim Your Health
Reclaim Your Body 
Life Mastery 

Each of these programs has segments and courses within.

Reclaim Your Health 

Is your Fitness &Nutrition Portal. Everything you need to get and keep your physical body healthy is here! 

Reclaim Your Body 

The world has been telling us how to think and feel about our body forever!  In Reclaim Your body you will have a daily lesson that will help you shift mentally and emotionally about your health, your body, food and exercise! It's the ultimate health mindset program!

Life Mastery 

I mean, did you really think it was going to be like this? Not likely... life is complicated and it can get hard and messy and amazing - sometimes all within 5 minutes of each other! Life mastery will take you through 12 different modules from physical, emotional, financial, soul work to help you truly build the life you want - instead of just taking what comes at you! 


Join The Wild

Change Your Life. Find Your Own Soul. Fill Your Own Cup. Connect to Your Own Intuition. Embrace Your Instincts.

What We Do In The Wild

Soul = Emotions.  Wait - don't go - it won't get scary I promise!
Ok, it might.  But it will be worth it.  Well, you'll question if it's worth it, but it will be!

Feelings are the SHAZAM of personal and professional development.  Mindset is super important but emotions are where the game changes.

Most people do not have good emotional mastery.  Most people are at the whim of every feeling.  Most people react to their circumstances instead of responding to it.  Imagine if you could learn what your emotions are really telling you?  And you could then find any patterns, habits, behaviours, beliefs that secretly cause you to sabotage yourself and repattern those into more empowering ones?

That would be life changing right?

Most people are super scared of their feelings because we've been conditioned most of our lives to not feel, to shut down, push it away.  But those emotions cause us to create destructive behaviour patterns as a way of coping.

In your Soul work in the Wild, you'll learn how to uncover unhealthy emotional patterns and turn those around so you can embrace your wild, listen to your intuition and use your instincts. 


Mindset is the key to living a Wild Souled Life.  How you think, speak and act are all indicators of how successful you will in anything you do.
You will learn why language is so important to achieving your goals.  And why visualization is an extremely important tool to ensure you are focusing on what you want.

Most people focus on what they don't want and then create it in a self fulfilling prophecy.  

The Mindset courses we've got inside the Wild aren't just for wellness - they are to help you change your outlook in any area of your life - career, money, relationship, health so you can take charge of your life and confidently create the life you've always dreamed of living by implementing the trainings in the mindset.

"Watch It Unfold"


You Are What You Eat!
What You Feed Your Body Matters.  Eating unhealthy, sugar, fatty, processed and junk foods will impair your ability to think and feel well.  Learn how to eat intuitively so you never ever have to diet again!

We have recipes, meal plans and Nutrition 101 learning centre to keep you educated and knowledgeable about food so you stay up to date on your health by feeding your body the foods it needs to perform at it's best!

Join The Wild

Change Your Life. Find Your Own Soul. Fill Your Own Cup. Connect to Your Own Intuition. Embrace Your Instincts.

Each Month

Each Month 
Coaching Calls
Live Calls & Video's
Wild Souled Talks
Intuitive Interventions
Community Talks


It's not just about you and I in the Wild, it's about a community of us, together holding space and helping each other on the journey, meeting new people, connection. 

Why The Wild Was Born

I created the Wild because this type of Mind/Body/Soul work isn't available anywhere else and it's desperately needed. 
It took me a long time to find all the pieces, spread out all over the place. I felt like I was putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  I don't want to see another person searching for the answers, spending years looking for the solutions like I did.

I could have cut decades off of my learning if I had some sort of plan, program, community to be a part of. 
I created it in a way that works for you, for your life, is affordable and allows you to use it as much or as little as you wish!

This work isn't linear so you can do the segments and pieces that speak to you as you're ready.  You can also take breaks because sometimes we just need to be!

It's an experience full of twists, turns and it can be enjoyable when you're part of a community that gets you, can hold you, help you and you can do the same. 

I want you to come into the Wild so you can truly learn to live your own Wild Souled Life!

"I really love it all. I love having one place to go for my workouts, if I want nutrition information, it's right there. And the best part - the coaching calls, the Facebook community are so helpful! I've never seen anything quite like this before. I can learn, get fit and healthy, work on emotions. It's truly the complete package!"


"Workouts, meal plans, and most especially the mindset for me. I've done a lot of other things over the years and this has everything in one place that anyone needs to be successful! I especially love the coaching - I don't feel alone!"

Carol Ann

"I love the workouts for sure! No commute, well put together. I can do it from anywhere in the world. I can even download them and take them to the gym with me or follow along. I love it all!"

Nancy Burton

It's Time To Make You A Priority Again!

You destiny is shaped in your moments of decision.

What do you choose?

Become a member of the Wild, get healthy in all area's of your life so you can Live Your Wild!

Join The Wild

Change Your Life. Find Your Own Soul. Fill Your Own Cup. Connect to Your Own Intuition. Embrace Your Instincts.


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