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Hi, I'm Tonya, founder of Wild Soul Women. 

I help women find their fire. Life happens.  Our blueprint doesn't pan out.  Things go wrong.  We succumb to the pressure to keep everyone warm. We give up ourselves to please.  We listen to others.  We lose ourselves, bit by bit and before we know it, we're living a half life, putting everyone else's needs ahead of our own. 

We measure ourselves by what how much we get done.  We let the outside world tell us who to be.  

Women forget how powerful they are.  I did.  You do, too.  We give it up to fit in.  We stuff down to be nice.  We get lost in "surface" problems - weight, anger, alcohol, drugs, financial issues and other destructive behaviours. 

But there is another way. You can rekindle your spark, you can find your fire, you can reclaim your power and find your voice again. 

You can do more than exist. 

Inside each of us is a Wild Soul Woman, a powerful, deeply connected, strong, confident woman, who knows the best way forward.  My role is to help you find yours so you can rise up and live the live you know you were born to live.

You can feel it, can't you?  The Wild woman clawing to get out, the warrior within you that is desperate to throw off the chains of conformity, the one who wants authenticity, courage to lead instead of dulling yourself down and living a life of fear, conformity and complacency. 

Imagine living a life where you look inside for the answer instead of outside for validation, approval, and permission? You can.  

Your soul is calling, will you answer?

Your freedom awaits... 

Professional Bio

Tonya helps people uncover and re-pattern their emotional blocks that prevent them from achieving success.  She has a unique ability to marry ancient with modern techniques to help people find their own wild soul and unleash their full potential.

Tonya is a Strategic Interventionist.  She has studied under Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes to become a human behaviourist, Deborah King, other shamanic healers and soul coaches. 

She is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist and spent much of her life in the fitness industry, which is what led her to ask the deeper questions of how to get people to create lasting change.

She carries a diploma in Criminology and a degree in Sociology and English - her passions clearly shown early on in her choices to study society, human behaviour and writing. She is currently working towards her trauma certifications. 

Tonya is also a highly sought after speaker, workshop leader and International Retreat Leader. 


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