Release, Reclaim, Redefine

Connect To Your Wild Woman 

The wild woman is your soul.

During this 10 immersive experience you will weave an experience of unbecoming, uncovering, releasing to find the deepest connection to yourself.

You will reclaim lost parts of you, take back your power so you can live fully, not merely existing, but thriving. 

You will be guiding through self discovery, expansion, openness, as you redefine who you are and your life. 


There is more to life! 

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller 

Which you'll discover on the Wild Soul Women Retreat with other wild soul women on a similar journey of soul discovery, opening to more, and fully living life. 

Together we will 

  • Learn, Grow, Connect
  • Deep Dive 
  • Experience Incan Culture
  • Sound healing
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Water Ceremonies
  • Ancient Shamanic Rituals 
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journalling 
  • Deepen your spiritual practise 
  • Awaken your soul connection
  • Deepen your intuition

We have an immersive experience itinerary, meaning we blend an experience daily (there is time off)where you get to work on Mind, Body, Emotions, Soul work while integrating ancient wisdom and spiritual experiences and practises to deepen your learning. 



Is the theme of this retreat, expand yourself, expand each other, expand your limits, expand your knowing, expand your practise, expand your life. 

From meditation in the Andes to making global friends to sleeping in sky camp to eating together, learning, playing, growing together, this retreat is the epitome of women coming together to learn, grow, heal and have a daring adventure that sets your soul on fire. 

What's Included:

3 Meals Per Day + snacks 
Guided Hikes
Shamanic Ceremony
Guided Meditations 
Soul Journey's
Sacred & Healing Fires
Sacred Dance
Trek To Macchu Picchu (3 nights, 4 days)

Not included:

  • Flights to & from Cusco, Peru
  • Trip cancellation/Insurance (options will be provided for the group). 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Extra's on the trek (you can purchase internet, showers, horses, other amenities + tips are recommended but not necessary). 

Additional Information

A Complete List of What To Bring will be supplied. Your main luggage can remain at the retreat centre while we trek. 

The main airport is Lima with transfer to Cusco, Peru.  The retreat centre is located 2 hours away and we will have ground transport to the retreat centre as a group for your ease!

Pricing is in USD. Non refundable. 

Waivers are required. 

Early Bird Pricing Available Now. 

3 Payments $777

$888 for 3 payments Regular Price

Early Bird $2197

$2497 USD Regular Price

Who Is Tonya Whittle?

Tonya is the founder & guide of Wild Soul Women. Tonya's speciality is uncovering the roots, getting directly to the source of the problem, and helping you release, then guiding you to reclaim your power and redefine your life. 

Tonya's super power is her ability to guide you directly to the source and open your heart so you can connect directly with your soul.

Blending modern strategies from personal and professional development, behaviour, strategies, intervention, motivation and inspiration, she also blends modern with ancient rituals, practises, spirituality, healing to create a one of a kind experience. 

She is a Wild Soul Woman who healed her own life using these very principles, taking herself from overhwelmed, scared, anxious and living a life of fear, doubt, worry and force. She used these exact princples to heal her life, connect with her Wild Soul and completely to a life of empowerment, connection, fun and wildness.

Tonya's work is for women who aren't here to fit in and be pleasing, but for women who are ready to break the mould, reclaim their power and own their lives, fully. 



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