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Ready to go Deep To Completely Transform Your Life?

You're looking for the edge, the advantage, the customization, the guidance and results that working 1:1 can get you. 

You're ready for work at the highest level! 

Are you ready to let go — really let go — and take your life to the next level?

It’s time for a breakthrough.

Private Coaching is designed to help you work through past experiences, hurts, and the resulting negative behavioural and emotional patterns to arrive at a deeper, healthier, more authentic understanding of yourself.

You Can Do This!

Proven strategy, focused guidelines and structured modules meet ancient wisdom and healing techniques in a private, one-on-one setting, giving you the freedom to feel and the support you need to dig deep, understand and let go.

  • Understand why you keep “going back” to unhealthy patterns.
  • Identify the destructive behaviours that are blocking your happiness.
  • Discover how to reframe negativity and use it as fuel to move forward in life.

Let Me Guide You

Life presents us with challenges — we can’t change that. What we can change is how you deal with what life hands you by understanding your behaviours and finding a clear path toward breaking old habits and coping mechanisms that are holding you back.

It’s a soul journey.

I’m there with you. Every step of the way.

""My Life Is Forever Changed! Just do it. You don't even know how badly you need this until you do it. Truly the best decision I've ever made.""

Devon Conway

""Tonya was able to give me hope when I was hopeless. I had tried many different forms of positive thinking over the years and nothing really completely helped. Everything always left me feeling like I needed something else. Tonya used a completely different approach, one that I had never experienced before. She was able to help me get to the heart of what was going on and that’s where the real healing started. She was very gentle and patient as well which is also what I needed. When I thought I was closed off to everyone Tonya was able to help me open up again. I can’t thank her enough for that.""

Chrissy Corbett

From Single Session Clarity Sessions to 90 Day Intensives to  A Full Mentorship Program, your 1:1 needs are covered. 

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