The New Look Is Here

We've been pivoting for over 2 years as we've grown and found our place in the world. 

And now we're excited to show YOU the new look and complete rebranding of the Wild!

Find Your Fire 

Wild Soul Women is not a product, it's a practise.  It's not a moment, it's a movement.  

For too long women have been conditioned to be pleasing at a cost of our own lives and even, our own safety. 

We Lose Ourselves

Life is ridden with challenges, big and small. Around the world, women today especially are pressured to be everything at once — the perfect mother, the all-star employee, the best friend, the supermodel. Often, these pressures make us lose direction, and cause our grip on life to slip. When we fall out of touch with our true selves, we’re left asking, “who am I? Where did the ‘real me’ go?”


Women supporting women

Wild Soul Women is not your typical life coaching service. We recognize that every woman’s journey is different and no singular prescription for empowerment exists. We’ll guide you along your journey and give you the tools and resources you need to empower yourself and reclaim what makes you you. From one-on-one coaching, to retreats, workshops, seminars, and beyond, our goal is to provide our clients with unique opportunities to recharge, and reclaim their essence as strong, passionate women.

Your journey starts here

Our practice isn’t a product — it’s a way of living. At Wild Soul Women, female empowerment means embracing your experience — challenges and all — and living your life to its fullest.

Tucked inside each and every one of us is the desire to grow, to soar, to thrive — and for too long these sparks of life have lain dormant. You’re strong, brave, and resilient. Now is the time to break from the confinement of the day-to-day, and take back your life with Wild Soul Women.


Over the last 2.5 years we've worked closely with hundreds of women to learn more about the challenges women are facing each day.  The loss of passion, of the spark that makes you you, became an integral piece of the conversation we have been having.  Helping women remember how powerful they are, creating a global movement of women rising up to reclaim themselves is our purpose. Because it's important, you're important, women are important.  

We are not an afterthought, existing to please others.  We have passion, purpose, dreams, goals and we are powerful beyond measure.  

It's time we remembered. 

The Fire

The fire represents a lot of our work with women - in order to create something new we have to "burn away' what chains us.  Old patterns, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs built on a foundation that no longer works need to be burned down.  

Those flames ignite the fires within us and light the way back to who we really are. 

Standing in your power you will not be manipulated, give up yourself, wait for approval, permission or validation. 

We Are Here

To bring in a new paradigm.  One where women know how powerful they are, where their worth is not measured merely by looks, weight or dress size. 

A world we no longer ask and wait for permission to sit at the table, but one where we take our rightful place. 

Wild Soul Women is here to disrupt the status quo, to break the mould and usher in a new way of living for women that allows us to be wife, mother, employee, business woman, stay at home mom and our own person who's worth is not measured by if she is determined to be "good" and "pleasing". 

How We Can Help 

We offer both personal and corporate services. Women in the workplace still face a altitude of challenges and lack of understanding, respect and empathy. Coaching and training for business owners and employees is crucial to change the conditioning and expectations of women at work. 

Tribe, Unchained

Our tribe is a global movement, connecting women around the world, on a similar path of self exploration and finding their fire. 

1:1 Coaching

Whether for business or personal, Private Coaching experience is custom designed to your needs in your life and work, NOW. 

Retreats & Events

Join one of our life changing scheduled retreats or events or book your own custom experience for yourself or your company. 

Join Us 

As part of our launch of Wild Soul Women into the world we're inviting you to pull up your seat at the table, to sit firmly where you belong, knowing that you, your wildness and uniqueness is celebrated - as a woman, as a person, as a company. 

We've created a special series for YOU to come and drink from the golden lake, to unchain yourself from should and step firmly into the woman you really are. 

Join The Movement

Join women around the world finding their fire in the Tribe, Unchained for a special introductory offer - just $7 for your first month or save $100 on a yearly membership!

USE COUPON CODE: LAUNCH on a monthly plan

USE COUON CODE: FIRE on a yearly plan. 


Join The Movement

Woman, Reclaimed Live

You're invited to register early, with a discount, for

Our signature 1-Day event 

Feb 9, 2019 St. John's, NL 

During this event we will take you on an experience from beginning to end to rekindle your fire! 

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***fine print***
25% is available on Early Bird Pricing for individual or +1 tickets, including VIP spaces.  Not available on full table bookings.  
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