Woman, Reclaimed

When you were born for more... 

There comes a time in every woman's life when she must search inward for who she is, what she stands for, what she knows and what's she's meant for. 

What are you searching for?

We are living in a time and place when we're drowning in knowledge and starving for wisdom.  Where are asking more profoundly "what this is all about?" as suffering splashes the pages of social media and media.  We can't help but feel the collective pain of a world in suffering. 

And our own suffering, for most, in silence.

  • The questions of who we are?
  • Is this all there is?  
  • Finding healthier ways to cope
  • Bigger questions to which we seek the answers
  • And with that, our own our unknowns 
    • Who am I?
    • Why am I here?
    • What is the meaning of any of this?
    • Why do I have to suffer?
    • Where is this going?
    • How did it all get messed up?
    • How did I end up "here"?
    • This isn't what I thought it would be like?
    • My reality and my dream don't match
    • Why is life so hard?
    • Intense feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, uncertainty, dread, loss, desperation, hurt, don't know what to do, what next?
    • Trapped, stuck 
    • Lack of trust, in yourself and others
    • Feelings of hiding and just getting by 
    • Going through the motions

If you're experiencing any of these things or have a feeling of being called to explore yourself, start your own spiritual badass journey, finding yourself, looking for something, searching for something...

Even if you can't name it or put your finger on it

It's normal.  You're normal.  What you're experiencing is normal.  Sometimes it can be hard to let go of who we thought we were, who we made ourselves to be... but sometimes the veils come down, part for a moment, and we can see into something we had never seen before... perhaps we are called, see a quote, a conversation, read a book or a life experience changes things for us...

As the veils lift, we are called to explore who we are on a deeper level. 

In Woman, Reclaimed that's exactly what we'll be doing...

Exploring YOU!

Imagine if you feel like the best version of yourself?  That version of you that you see in your dreams, your drifting, the you that's on vacation or the one who has no worries or stress... the you you thought you would be by now...

The you that is enjoying life, who knows how to look within and find the answers that you seek... 

But life's conditioning and experiences have kept your best hidden, stuffed down, silenced - filled with guilt, shame, anxiety - stuffing your brightness and beauty and exciting self down with food, booze, social media, sex... or just plain living in denial and disconnection. 

Imagine if you could reclaim that version of you? 

The one who is happy, that laughs, that figures things out and solves problems... the you that is empowered, confident, stands in her beauty, power and fierceness.

Well, you can!

Woman, Reclaimed is my signature 8 month group coaching program that will take you through coaching experiences in a workshop environment.  It will all happen virtually so you can hang in your PJ's while you change your life!  

Calls are live + recorded so if you have to miss one, no worries, you'll get access so you can work on it later.  

You'll be with a group of empowered women fully reclaiming their lives, their power and their passion for living life fully!

In Woman, Reclaimed we'll be walking you to your own wild soul...

The wild is a place within you.  Inside of yourself.  It's who you are, really.  Without the conditioning, the life experiences, the negative thoughts, the negative belief systems, anxieties, fears, frustrations, failures, pressure to be something else. 

Or to be perfect!

For many women, we've faced that never ending onslaught of perfection.  We've measured ourselves against everyone else, we've held the yard stick to ourselves and for most of us, in some area of our lives at least, we have believed the negative stuff, we lost a little (or a lot!) of ourselves in this.

Over the last few months I've talked to a lot of women who have shared what they need right now, what they need in their lives and I've listened to this... I've been there before.  I know how this place feels - the desire to be yourself, the searching for something but not knowing what exactly that is, the feeling of being groundless, floating, and even wondering how it all got messed up in between?

You might be in the life you've craved and wanted for so long but are unable to enjoy it, unable to feel it and appreciate, or you might feel like you're in the wrong life, the wrong story, and can't make a decision if you should run or eat that piece of cake and forget about it. 

The reality is, you can't know what decision to make (although, I will tell you from the experience, the cake might fix things for 10 seconds but then it creates another spiral of self hate, self loathing, negativity). 

That's why I've created WOMAN, RECLAIMED.  

I've taken the best of Thrive & the best of the trial run of woman, reclaimed, combined with the power behind the teachings of the Wild Women Retreats and blended into this amazing program...

In this 8 month program, we'll be focusing on a workshop style delivering main concepts to help you reclaim the woman you really are, the woman you've lost along the way in life's challenges, hardships and messaging.

Each month you'll have modules released that you can do on your own time.  You'll have 2 workshop style live classes (they will be recorded in case you miss one). We'll be focusing on things like: 

  • Who you are really
  • Identifying the gap 
  • Belief systems 
  • Uncovering the roots and clearing away what no longer serves you
  • Becoming who you really are
  • Living Your Wild 
  • Reclaiming Your Power, Joy in life
  • Understanding Your Emotions
  • Listening to your intuition 
  • Uncovering Your Basic Human Needs Structure
  • 5 Step Formula For Success
  • Creating an Empowering Future

We work together in coaching/workshop style program that will help you reclaim the woman you are!

Here's the finer details:

  • Official Start Date: October 10th (with bonus trainings for early birds!)
  • biweekly call schedule will happen Tuesday evenings and calls will be recorded for you!
  • The format will take a workshop feel - we'll teach and you'll work through it on the spot so what you're working on will be done by the time the call is finished! 
  • We'll be including BONUS trainings of healing sessions, meditations, live QnA's, interventions and hot seats for you! 

Grab your space and get ready to reclaim the woman you were born to be! 

This program requires an 8 month commitment.   Think of it as taking the course in life that no one ever taught you, how to be who you are without bending and suffocating yourself. 

If you're tired of just surviving, of accepting what life throws at you and you're ready to reclaim your power and design the life you've always wanted to live, get registered and ready to THRIVE!

Early Bird BONUSES: 

  • 2 Private Coaching Calls to Use Whenever you want! Value $397
  • Wild Women Wisdom Course Valued $297 

You're reading this right!  You'll be getting an additional $694 worth of products that you can use anytime! That's a whole lot of value to ensure you're successful in this program and your life!

Join us today by choosing the pricing option that suits your needs!  I'm excited to be your tour guide on this deep transformational dive that you'll be taking to find and clear away what no longer serves you so you can step into the powerful, confident woman you really are, trusting your knowing, your instincts and living life authentically. 



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