Woman, Reclaimed LIVE

October 5, 2019 
Leaside Manor, Old Topsail Road, St. John's 

Join Tonya Whittle, founder of Wild Soul Women, expert in human behaviour, thought leader and inspirational speaker, to find YOUR FIRE at this one of a kind, life changing event.  

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Join Us For An Empowering Day  

There is no singular prescription for empowerment.  But inside each woman is a desire to grow, to thrive. 

Life has a way of helping us down and before we know it your raging fires, your passion and purpose are distant memories as your too full plate is overflowing and all you think about is getting through today.

But, there, somewhere inside of you is still a passionate, fierce, powerhouse of a woman. 

During our Woman, Reclaimed Live event we're going to find her so you can remember just how powerful, amazing, and fearless you really are. 

We'll burn down the walls and masks you've been hiding behind and the flames will light your way back to you. 

At Woman, Reclaimed Live - you're Reclaiming YOU. 



Your Beliefs create your reality.  At the end of the day you'll understand your belief systems and leave with more empowering beliefs about yourself, the world and what's possible. 


What you do everyday brings you closer to your dreams and the life you want or further away from it.  By the end of the day you'll have tools to create empowering days that will lead to an empowered life.


We don't get in life what we want, we get what what we think we are.  Knowing who you are and your standards is crucial to living the life you want. You will leave knowing who you are.

Your Life Changing Day Is Here! 

Sometimes life reduces our fires to a flicker.  We get lost in fear, doubt, overwhelm.  Life doesn't work out the way you wanted.  Or you find that checklist didn't really make you happy. 

Where Did The Real You Go?

If you've been wondering where the real you went, you're not alone.  Finding what's been holding you back, unchaining yourself from life experiences, belief systems and conditioning that caused you to forget who you are and what you're capable of, will help you find and reclaim the strong, empowered woman you really are. 

Find Your Fire!

This is not a product, it's a practise.  Inside each woman is a desire to grow and thrive and we offer a unique opportunity to recharge and reclaim your passion, your courage, and your strength.

Join The Global Wild Soul Movement

Spend a day clearing what's holding you back, find your inner fire and light your way back to who you really are.

What's Included:

  • Day Event 10AM-4PM
    • Workshops
    • Soul Journeys
    • Live Coaching
  • Coffee, tea, snacks
  • Door Prizes & More 

*lunch menu will be provided (for purchase, or bring your own, or go out for yours). 

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The arrow is a significant reminder that we need to set our arrow where we want to go and go there. 

But more than that it's a reminder that in order to go forward, we must be pulled back. Sometimes when life seems like it's pulling down it's actually preparing us for where we're going. 


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October 5, 2019


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October 5, 2019 


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